Multisegmental Sorting and Distributing System Maximum Performance and FLEXibility

The functionality of the BBULL FLEX devices guarantees a very reliable displacement of most different containers onto parallel running conveyors. The reject segments create an accompanying railing to lead the containers to their final point. During the displacement of the containers there is no tilting over. The reliable functionality enables the universal application for sorting and distributing the most different container designs and types. Therefore the BBULL FLEX is a very popular device for numerous exercises and application areas. Due to very different customers’ requirements we developed different designs to adapt exactly to the single project-specific characteristics.


  • Standing rejection and distribution of containers and packages
  • Suitable for multiple distributions and sampling
  • Little space required
  • Very reliable functionality
  • Suitable for most different containers and packages
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Control electronics integrated in our device, consequently suitable for backfittings also with external systems
  • Integrated tracking controller for synchronising the conveyor speed
  • Height adjustment via spindle for adaption to different container heights

  • Flex

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