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Our world has evolved in a very complex way, which forces us to recognize the importance of Human Resources, Natural and Social environment to balance the accelerated globalized growth that surrounds us.

In CSS we have a great commitment to the preservation of what at one time we thought would be infinite but it is not, so we join the efforts of many of our customers implementing policies and methodologies in search of:

• Give back to nature something of how much it has given us by promoting the care of natural resources and implementing recycling inside and outside the workplace.

• Recognize the efforts of each person who is part of our organization and who contributes with their professionalism, creativity and knowledge.

• Encourage social awareness so that the change that our world needs so much comes from within our organizations and impacts our families and communities.

Our Team

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Our Community

As part of the activities of our Sustainability policy, we held a Community Action Drive this month of November 2016, at our offices in Toluca, Mexico, which donate toys and school supplies to children of low income families in the Sierra Tarahumara region. It was possible to carry out these actions thanks to the collaboration of all our employees which worked as a team.

Helping our community in the state of Mexico that suffered loss of many homes after the earthquakes was priority to our CSS team in Mexico. Our colleagues from our office in Toluca, Mexico made many efforts to collect food and first aid products to help the community that lost their homes due to the earthquakes on September 2017. Merging efforts with other members of our community the help was delivered directly to the people in need. Support and love make the difference in these difficult times.

Our Environment

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