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Sniffer technology for returnable 20 Liter water bottles

The AQUASCREEN enables contaminant detection for refillable gallon containers and thus rules out the cleansing and refill of contaminated containers. Consequently, AQUASCREEN offers the possibility to comprehensively analyze refillable water containers in accordance with the requirements of state-of-the-art quality assurance processes. A most efficient sample-taking system guarantees top-level sensitivity even for high analysis rates of up to 4,000 containers/hour. The detection limit for contaminants ranges in the lower ppm area. Therefore, even tiniest traces of contaminants can be identified.

Customer Benefits
* Optimized product quality and thus avoidance of customer complaints
* Loss of production and/or system downtimes caused by a change of the cleaning solution can be reduced to zero
* Improved quality of the cleaning solution because contaminants are discharged prior to starting the washing process
* No additional costs caused by manual sorting of contaminated containers
* Using wide range spectroscopy therefore nearly all contaminants can be detected