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CarboScan 300
CO2 Purity On-Line monitoring and Quality Control for Bottlers and Gas Suppliers

CO2 Online Process Analysis

CO Online Process Analysis Ranking among the top consumers of CO2 gas is the food industry with its high-level quality standards. As CO gas may get in contact with numerous chemical substances during its formation process and in the subsequent logistics chain, residual contamination of the final CO2 product cannot be avoided in all cases. In order to guarantee the product quality of foods treated with CO2, continuous control of the CO quality is necessary.

An element of the UNISENSOR customer orientation concept

“Single-Source Provider“ – The system is completely integrated with the customer’s facility. Thanks to the compact and modular design, the CARBOSCAN COMPACT 300 system can be installed and put into operation very rapidly.

The Concept of Calibration and Validation – Calibration and validation procedures conducted prior to delivery ensure availability and safeguard compliance with gas analysis specifications.

Professional Data Handling – For inspection of the in coming CO2, a fully automated online control is not sufficient. Instead, all collected data must be stored safely over a long period of time to be available at any given point, and formatted to meet the customer’s requirements.

Open Interface – The data gathered are linked to and integrated with superordinate management systems through the “Open Interface Concept“.

Traceability – VISU station helps the customer to visualize or print current and historical data or to retrieve these as an Excel report.

Support – UNISENSOR support comprises the deployment of service engineers with in-depth expertise, as well as maintenance contracts including options such as TELE service, a 24-hour hotline and a qualifi ed telephone helpdesk. Together with our user trainings, these services ensure a high ROI on the CARBOSCAN COMPACT 300 CO2 online process system.