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CarboScan 150
CO2 Purity On-Line monitoring and Quality Control for Bottlers

TheCARBOSCAN 150is a fully automatic online system to monitor the quality  of the CO2 throughout the production process to meet the safety requirements for carbonated beverages.

The system uses optical absorption spectroscopy technology to identify the slightest traces of contaminants in the CO2.

The system is factory pre-configured and calibrated and includes all the necessary accessories for an immediate on-site installation. Once installed, the system provides reliable measuring results on real time, with no re-calibration required.

  • No operation/calibration gases required
  • Wide range of detectable substances
  • Total Sulfur measurement
  • Single SO2 measurement
  • Expandable component list by remote connection
  • Fully automatic measurement sequence
  • Full database with backup system
  • Teleservice and continuous remote connection
  • Exceeds the ISBT requirements for CO2

  • NEW!!!