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Air Sentry
Air Blow Off Systems

The Air Sentry System is ideal for removing moisture before applying the inkjet or laser date coding, labeling, and packing.

The System has two main components, the Intelligent Controller which allows you to automatically turn off the blower within few seconds (adjustable) when no more products are being detected or if they have stopped.

The second part of the system is the high efficient set of air knives fed by a high-performance blower that removes with air any moisture or solid particles from the surface of bottles, cans, jars, crates and, much more. The system meets OSHA dead-end pressure and noise requirements (<69 dBA @ 80 PSI).

Benefits of the Air Sentry System:
  • Potentially saves thousands of dollars per year by using blower than compressed air.
  • Compact and flexible design can be installed in any production line. The controller can be mounted several feet away from the air knives.
  • Built and designed for harsh environments for significantly longer life than many other competitive products.
  • The controller includes a Maintenance Management System and alarms.
  • Airflow and air volume are easily adjusted.
  • Uniform airflow across the entire length of the air knives.
  • Air Knives are available in different lengths and designs depending on the application.

* In certain applications the system has paid for itself in less than 3 months.