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UNISPECTRE 400 - 500
Highly efficient REF-PET Sniffer System to detect Foreign Substances and Contaminants

The Unisensor UNISPECTRE is the new highly efficient REF-PET Sniffer System designed with Ultradeep Spectroscopy Technology. The system works with a wide range optoelectronic spectroscopy and offers the highest resolution to detect the smallest traces of contaminants.

The combined sampling/measuring cell unit allows the highest sensitivity with the lowest carryover effects and with very minimal maintenance efforts and very low operative costs.

  • Inspection speed: Up to 45,000 bph
  • Rotary o Linear configuration with non-contact sampling
  • Easy installation on existing lines.
  • Measuring cells/sampling unit designed integrated in a quick-exchange-assembly to avoid down times.
  • Robust sensor technology that works with ambient pressure.
  • No external conditioners for the sample.
  • No carrier gas needed.
  • No filters, no internal gas pipes required.

  • NEW!!!