High Tech Solutions for Packaging and Online Inspection Systems
BBULL Control-Systems has developed advanced technologies to inspect your containers fill level, cap, and label presence. The cutting edge technologies are designed to look for missing containers in boxes and also contaminants in glass bottles. Their product line includes the best rejection systems for every container at high or low speeds.

Using BBULL Control-Systems will help you improve the quality of your products and avoid complaints from your customers. These systems give you a peace to know exactly how your product was filled and labeled and the assurance that the production was done exactly the same for each product ensuring top quality perfection for all of your products.

BBULL offers multiple options of inspection technology: Camera-Image processing systems, X-Ray systems, Optical (laser) systems, Ultrasound systems and High Frequency.

Product Description
 Single Camera System for Fill Level and Cap Quality Inspection on Transparent Containers
 Fill Level Inspection System
 Quality management with multifuncional image processing
 4-Camera Image Processing System for All Around Inspection on the Conveyor up to 72.000 b/h
 Empty Case Inspection
 Filler and Labeller Management Systems with Processing Electronics
 Full Case Inspection
 Full Case Inspection
 Vent Tube Detection with Electromagnetic Sensory
 Rejection and Distribution System for Bottles and Cans
 Multisegmental Sorting and Distributing System Maximum Performance and FLEXibility